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Nostalgic Mama
2005-08-21 at 11:05 p.m.

I'm ditching AOL. Laura doesn't use it anymore, and she was the main reason we got it (when she was a LOT younger) and it's become more of a pin in the ass than anything else. Besides, AOL has made everything FREE now for anyone to use, just visit and you can access all of the features that only PAID members used to what's the point of PAYING?
Anyways, I am in the process of moving all of my pictures off of their servers, so many pics in my older entries here won't work anymore- at least not until I get the time & motivation to upload them all to another server & move stuff around! (Not likely anytime soon.)
There are two times a year that I really feel nostalgic- April 21st and August 22nd. My little girls' birthdays. Honestly, what mother doesn't? Is there a mother who doesn't relive her entire labor and delivery in her own mind when a child turns another year older? Even adoptive mothers, I'm sure, think about where they were or what they may have been doing at the time their child was entering the world. It's human nature. Exactly three years ago right now, I was in bed sleeping comfortably. I used to be in bed a lot earlier than I am now, since Kelly was only a year old and she was a HANDFUL! Once that baby went down, I wasn't far behind her. I remember going to bed shortly after 11:00pm. I slept about one hour before I found myself in the car, Brian driving, taking Kelly to the babysitters half asleep. I remember the mad dash to Park ridge, praying I'd make it in time for an epidural this time around! (I did!)
I remember the wondeful labor nurse, and the awesome experience I had delivering Carolyn. Exact opposite from Kelly's birth! I remember the big mirror, and seeing her head emerge. She turned her head just before she was fully born and I saw THAT FACE in the mirror! I was totally and completely in love, right then and there. I was sitting up, yelling, "My baby, my BABY!" until the nurse yelled at me to settle down and push because her big ole shoulders were stuck.
They handed her to me with her cord still attached, still a part of me- yet nestled in my arms. She seemed SO SMALL! I was amazed when they called out, "Nine pounds, two ounces!"
I will never forget a second of it as long as I live.
In the early morning, before I am even awake, a newly-turned-three year old little girl and her four year old sister will climb into my bed and announce that they want breakfast. And I'll try my best to love them both just a little bit more, hold them a little tighter, and appreciate their beauty and innocence- even if they are jumping on my head.

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